Camp in Labs Brand Book

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  • Master Brand Usage
  • Typography
  • Color Specifications


  • XD
  • Photoshop


  • Logo Variations
  • Standard File Formats
  • Primary & Secondary Typefaces
  • Light & Dark Palettes


2 weeks, doing the research and deliver.

Description & Goals

"Camp in Labs" Brand Book is simple guidelines for those who wish to get involved in the organization's activities regarding STEM education. The book explains how to use "Camp in Labs" Master Brand in different situations and what colors and typefaces are allowed during designing graphical materials.

Master Brand Usage

This book explains how "Camp in Labs" Master Brand must be used on all print and screen-based applications (including publications, marketing, and promotional materials, presentations, event materials, certificates, and so on).


The typefaces used by “Camp in Labs” were chosen with attention for ease of communication as well as legibility, versatility, and adaptability to the other design aspects.

Roboto, a sans serif font, is the primary typeface of the “Camp in Labs”. It should be used predominantly on all print applications. This typeface comes in a variety of weights and styles that are necessary for creating distinction in all communications.

Lora, a serif font, is the secondary typeface of the “Camp in Labs” and has been designated to complement Roboto font family and can only be used for headlines or titles.

Light & Dark Palettes

”Camp in Labs” color palette has been developed to ensure enough attraction for its audiences as well as dynamism in its products.